Gorka Allies Push Back Against Deceptively Edited ‘Anti-Semitic’ Hit Piece - Breitbart

Gorka Allies Push Back Against Deceptively Edited ‘Anti-Semitic’ Hit Piece - Breitbart

The smear campaigns continue by Progressive fake news outlet, Forward against Breitbart News’ former national security editor, Sebastian Gorka, now Deputy Assistant to President Donald Trump.  No one hears these barking moonbats anymore except those looking to tear down anyone remotely connected to the President.

Forward is being called out for the intentional mistranslation and editing of an interview with Gorka back in 2007 to feed the lie that Gorka once supported anti-Semitic militia groups in Hungary.

The deception backfired as many of Gorka’s supporters are calling out the Progressive rag.

Breitbart News by John Hayward

The left-wing magazine Forward’s latest attempt to smear Dr. Sebastian Gorka is encountering stiff resistance from critics….

Writing at The Federalist, David Harsanyi calls the Forward piece “shoddy journalism” and notes the unedited video of Gorka’s interview was only belatedly added to Forward’s website. A cursory glance at the heavily-edited video gave Harsanyi the idea that some very important remarks had been clipped out, so he sent the full interview off for a translation.

He found, in essence, that Gorka was theoretically supporting the concept of citizen militias – the situation in Hungary being chaotic at the time – but he actually denounces the founders of the specific militia group Forward wishes to portray him as supporting. They are also trying to hold him accountable for what they did later, even though the objectionable group in question was not formed until about three weeks after the interview[…]

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