Who’s Winning the Stealth War in the White House

Who’s Winning the Stealth War in the White House

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An article in the hill alerts its readers to the stealth caucus gaining steam in the White House. There is plenty of intrigue and one of the questions being asked is who is leaking stories to whom and who will win in the end.

On one side are Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump known as the Jarumps (who registered as Republicans only to vote for Donald), Gary Cohn the carbon tax Democrat, Dina Habib Powell (the only Republican – a nonideological one), and the other Democrat Steve Mnuchin. The other side, the one losing power, is Steve Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Stephen Miller, Reince Priebus, and Sean Spicer.

The article batted about the usual banter about Trump not tolerating staff getting more attention than him, but one thing did stand out.

We’ve heard that Bannon is planting stories he thinks will benefit him, and he has been quoted as calling Jared Kushner a “globalist” and “worse than a Democrat”. But Bannon’s allies say it is the Jarumps, Powell, and Cohn who are planting stories meant to play up his influence, knowing that the image-conscious Trump would resent Bannon for it.

“Steve is not a guy who plants stories int he press to toot his own horn,” one Bannon ally said.

The palace is full of intrigue and the two sides are diametrically opposed[…]

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