Champs Elysees Islamic Terrorist: Freed to kill more police.

Champs Elysees Islamic Terrorist: Freed to kill more police.

Jihadist, Karim Cheurfi aka Abu Yusuf al-Baljik

The 39-year-old Champs Elysees Islamic State terrorist, Karim Cheurfi, also known as Abu Yusuf al-Baljik who on Thursday evening shot dead two police officers and seriously injured two others in Paris was once jailed for opening fire on law enforcement enforcers.  Cheurfi, shot dead during Thursday’s terrorist attack, was convicted in 2001 for a shooting in which two police officers were wounded.

In 2003, Cheurfi was sentenced for 20 years in a high security prison but released on appeal free to kill.  (Thought these things only happen in the United States.)

Daily Mail

French authorities have confirmed that the shooting close to the Champs Elysees was a ‘targeted’ attack, and prosecutors have opened a terrorism probe.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, which was carried out with a Kalashnikov weapon. A passerby was also injured.

French President Francois Hollande has said he is convinced that the attack was ‘terror related’, and will hold a security cabinet meeting in the morning. …

François Hollande and fellow European’s leaders have blood on their hands.  His words are meaningless.  Spare the citizens of France the dog and pony show.

Karim C was the registered keeper of the grey Audi used in tonight’s attack. A raid on his home later found guns and ammunition, said intelligence sources.

He had targeted a parked patrol car full of traffic control officers working to theParis prefecture.

The officer killed was at the wheel and was having an evening snack at the time ofhis death.

French television network BFMTV reports that he had used the Telegram internet messaging service, which extremists have previously been claimed to favour because of its encryption[…]

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As expected, ISIS waited no time claiming responsibility for the Islamic terrorist attack which occurred four days before the first round of France’s presidential election.

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