March 12, 2017
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DNC Leakers Might Be Democrats Themselves

The Daily Caller News Foundation recently uncovered an investigation into the suspicious activities of four brothers and their relatives who worked for House Democrats, several as IT professionals. The brothers and other family members worked in various government positions and were fired over possible involvement in criminal and/or espionage activities ...
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GOP Representative Says DREAMers “Are America’s Children”

GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo told Chris Cuomo this week that DREAMers “Are America’s Children”. DREAMers are children who were brought here at a young age “through no fault of their own”. They are the new anchor babies, but where do we draw the line or do we? The Trump ...
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Ret. Intelligence Officer Says “We Did It,” We Leaked

Ret. Lt. Col. Shaffer told Hannity on his show last night that former NSA operatives fed up with the Clintons hacked into the DNC and the Podesta emails, giving them over to Wikileaks. Julian Assange suggested it came from within during an interview with Hannity back in December. “Sean, ...
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White-Skinned, Blue-Eyed Jorge Ramos Says Trump Thinks the US Is a White Country

Tucker took on the Senior News Anchor for Univision and Fusion over recent racially-provocative comment. He suggested the country belongs only to Latinos. Jorge, the rich, white Mexican-American didn’t have a good answer for what a Latino actually is. The American left has successfully classified all those different people ...
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Why Trump Isn’t Firing All Those Obama Loyalists Working for Him

“Information Clearing House” serves as Advisers to President Donald Trump as he picks his agency staff and they are urging President Trump to purge the government of the former president’s appointees who are behind a number of damaging leaked stories. The situation isn’t that simple. There are only a ...
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Maxine Waters Implicates Barack Obama in the Spying Scandal

Maxine Waters just implicated Barack Obama in the spying scandal. The media won’t report it that way, but listen to what she says. Oops.. Maxine Waters accidently throws Obama under the bus, implicates him in spying scandal. RT this until your fingers fall off😏#Vault7 — Tennessee (@TEN_GOP) March 8, ...
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Dalai Lama Is Offensive, Oppressive, Not Inclusive Enough

Mao touted ‘diversity and inclusion,’ too: ‘Let a hundred flowers bloom.’ Chinese students denounced the prospective speaker at UC San Diego and even went to the Chinese consulate to find out what they could do to stop the man coming who represented an affront to “diversity and inclusiveness”. A ...
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TSA Removes the “Cognitive Burden” for Its Employees, Let the Fondling Begin

TSA has ordered more universal “comprehensive” searches of passengers and they’ve warned law enforcement to expect complaints. Where and how they will touch air travelers is yet unknown. The “abnormal” frisking some passengers may report is actually to be seen as “comprehensive” in an effort to replace five separate types ...
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Here’s the Shadowy FISA Court, The Rubber Stamp Supreme Court

They are called the second Supreme Court. There is no oversight, they go unchecked, have vast powers, and rarely turn down a request. Their appeals court is made up solely of Clinton appointees. Former president Obama greatly expanded the powers of the court. The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ...
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Firecrackers, Blood, Smoke in the Street, 74-Year Old Pepper-Sprayed by Obama Minions

The protesters’ supporters who came out in support of Donald Trump on March 4th in Berkeley were harassed and abused into silence. The media called these vile troublemakers “counter protesters”. The thugs wearing black hoodies and scarves over their faces and bullying people into silence call themselves “anti-fascists,” or ...
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Loretta Lynch’s Disturbing Video Calls for Blood and Death

Obama’s former AG Loretta Lynch released a video that’s a call for Democrats to bleed and die on the streets for their beliefs. The Senate Democrats posted it on their Facebook page. Leftists are desperate to keep their power and they want to complete the fundamental transformation of the United ...
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Shocker! Obama’s Formed Aide Fined $90K for Unethical Practice

  Former President Barack Obama’s ex-campaign manager David Plouffe received a $90,000 fine on Thursday for illegally lobbying Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on behalf of Uber. The Chicago Board of Ethics found he violated ethics rules. He didn’t register as a lobbyist after contacting Rahm. Uber was also fined ...
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Betrayal Alert…Rand Paul Says ObamacareLite Keeps the Individual Mandate, Entitlements, Taxes

[email protected] outside the “secret office for the secret bill.” — Eli Yokley (@eyokley) March 2, 2017 Rand Paul believes the new Obamacare bill is Obamacare Lite which is why he and the public are not allowed to see a copy of it. He has not been allowed to ...
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Parents Lose Fight to Limit Chicago High School Brainwashing Workshops

A wealthy, predominantly white school district in Winnetka Illinois will offer Progressive workshops in voter suppression, affordable housing, police brutality, affirmative action, and they even prepared by showing a film by racist Spike Lee. It’s a presentation on the Civil Rights era. The “Parents of New Trier” group said there ...
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