Repealing Obamacare; the Corporate Solution and the People’s Solution

Repealing Obamacare; the Corporate Solution and the People’s Solution

We’ve always known there was a corporate solution to Obamacare and a people’s solution.

Today an outline of the corporate solution is on the table.  And it has been presented by the people in the Republican Party who would see things the corporatist’s way. So we are not surprised, except that it is so transparently blatant, as if to dare Donald Trump to say anything dismissive about it.

A sign of things to come?

A reminder: It’s not that the people endorsed Donald Trump’s rhetoric on repealing Obamacare as much as it was that Donald Trump’s rhetoric reflected the people’s passion for killing this insidious monstrosity and buring it in an unmarked grave,

The people want the federal government to have nothing, NOTHING, to do with their healthcare choices. Truth be told, many weren’t too happy with the insurance plans their employers provided them before Obamacare, but at least the care was immediate, and competent, and out-of-pocket expenses manageable. And they got to work 40-hour weeks in order to pay for it, allowing them to know what their disposable income would be months in advance, so they could plan vacations and things like.

So the people have every right to expect that they can return to the original way their medical lives were organized in 2009;, themselves, their families, their doctors, and their insurance companies, should they or their employers choose to have a plan. And they have a right to expect that their costs for medical care will go down quickly and precipitously, at least as quickly as it went up in 2010, and has continued to rise into November 2016. And as Kipling said in his poem “Tommy Adkins”…”…you know Tommy sees…”,  the government needs to know that the people know an entire tier of federal employment was added to account for much of that cost increase. Bearing those poor saps no special ill-will, we all need to know they are all looking for employment elsewhere, .especially the front end designers and managers like Jonathan Gruber, who had his own Tommy Adkins moment when he crowed about how it important it was to fool us[…]

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