Barack Obama and his thoughts about the US politics of tomorrow

The history of the United States has been changing between two sides of the same coin. The Republicans and the Democrats struggle in a battle of ideals that in the end, this is only going to have negative consequences for the minority of the people of the country.

In the Salesforce’s annual conference, the ex-President Barack Obama has been expressing his thoughts about three important issues that according to his opinion have been taken very lightly by the current faces of the White House. And our purpose is going to be to think about his opinions.

Climate change and global warming

Climate change is the top priority for the nation in Obama’s mind. He expresses his worries about global warming, as this issue is destroying not only the US, but the entire world. As one of the most powerful and influencing countries of the planet, it is a terrible situation and to think that the current government is not caring enough about this environmental crisis is almost unacceptable.

The main problem is that the vision of Donald Trump about production is approached in a very straightforward way.  The fact of allowing people and companies to produce freely and as much as they can, as much as they want without caring about the consequences in the climate change is simply irresponsible. 

And the more liberties factories have, they pollute and destroy the environment without caring about the planet. We already know that it is not the first time that our world is facing such a crisis related to climate change, as this is considered a natural process. However, it has been proved that in the last one hundred years the planet has been hotter than ever and that is because of humans wasting as much resources as possible from our nature, without control and without producing life. 

Inequality of the citizens of US

The second problem that still urges Obama is about the inequality between nations. And when we talk about this topic, we have to mention several aspects.

Because when mentioning about equality, it is not about making comparisons with other places or people. What truly matters in that the government could be able to give opportunities to those who really need assistance. 

And what kinds of opportunities do people lack? Having everything they need for their education, health care and safest streets. To take into consideration that there is not enough, that people in the communities need more chances of expanding themselves. 

The economy must serve the purpose of generating benefits for every single American. And indeed that is one of the most important objectives of the nation thought its foundation. 

In his speech, Obama quoted one of Abraham Lincoln’s thoughts. He described himself as a poor man’s son who started a system of land grant colleges all over the nation, so that any poor man’s son could go and learn something new.

Trump’s mission during his government must focus in order to fight against inequality. When millions lived in poverty, Roosevelt fought for Social Security and insurance for the unemployed and a minimum wage. When millions died without health insurance, Johnson fought for Medicare and Medicaid. 

In Obama’s government they were forging a New Deal in order to secure a War on Poverty in a great society such as the one of the US. What truly matters is that is crucial to build a ladder of opportunities to climb, and stretch out a safety net beneath so that if people fall, it would not be too far for them. It is necessary that the citizens of the country would be able to bounce back, and standing up again if they had terrible economic situations in the past.

The scars that racisms left in the country did not secure safety to all citizens. Additionally, women were confined to poorly paid professions during many years. And the minorities of our country now have grown up, and they are observing a better United States. But in order to preserve the goals we reached, it is necessary to continue fighting or all of those benefits are going to be lost. We cannot think that the government cannot do anything about inequality, because that is a terrible lie.

Globalization of technologies

And the other topic Obama is proud to talk about, but at the same time he wants to point out is about globalization and technologies. We live in a globalized world, in which the technological advances of communication are leading us to a world in which we can get as much valuable information with ease. 

Obama considered himself to be a great booster of the globalization process, but one thing is sure right now: now this process is here and it is not going to be removed. We have to live with it.

Because knowledge is power, and the ones who communicate get knowledge. It is crucial to embrace all the benefits of globalization, and the government must be responsible of make them sure to put more tools, more resources into the hands of these people who are changing the world with the communication technologies. Because the more we are helping them, best ideas and best practices they will produce. And in a globalized world like this, we can assist more people in the entire world who need us.

Those were some of the thoughts of the ex-president, and we have to agree with him in all the topics. Many governments are going to guide US in their distinctive plans, but we cannot forget the important fights that we have to do no matter what president could be in the chair of the White House.


Politicized climate change in United States

Global warming has been a concept that arrived with sole purpose of being conscious and fight against everything that damages nature, but there are some situations in which we do not believe what to do with the information we are getting. No matter what US Republicans or Democrats say, if global warming is true or it is a hoax; a lot of people just decide to continue with their lives. 

 When we experience our daily lives, we do not care about the world and its health status. We just want to wake up from bed and from there, beginning our daily routines. We just think about our short lifespan as something of the moment. And we are not paying attention to the future of the next generations. We do not think about the world that we had in the past, and the one we are creating right now. We know that nature is changing for worse and we are destroying it. 

The consequences of Global Warming

The average temperature of our world is constantly rising up due to the actions of men. Most temperature measurements indicate that our planet is going to face severe changes that are going to affect all species in the world – most of them being eliminated because of the rising sea levels, regional changes, extreme weather events (such as heat waves, and expansion of deserts). And yes, the world always changes, but most of the drastic weather alterations are produced because of humankind and its will of consuming everything no matter what.

We are conscious that it is not the first time the Earth is changing its weather so drastically, but it is an era in which we are causing the destruction of our own ecosystems. Most enterprises and factories do not want to take responsibilities of this. Although they have economic benefits, they are sacrificing the health of our future generation of children, as their machinery is producing greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that are annihilating our mother earth.

It is widely known that we can educate next generations. But the ones with power still have plenty of options in order to produce more by destroying the planet. It is a must to be able to prevent our climatic doom before it could be worse in the next years to come. 

Global warming and the governments of the world

Nevertheless, although we have had the help of the most important nations in the globe such as The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), a powerhouse is ignoring this huge threat. What is happening with the United States?

The 16 years old activist Greta Thumberg made the world remember about a surprisingly true fact: when US citizens talk about climate change, they talk about whether they believe it or not instead. And this is a terrible situation about global warming. Trump’s administration changed the way people think about preserving the planet.

United States, Republicans and their opinion

Producing as much resources as you can, having as much liberties as you can get. That is the idea of Donald Trump about the best possible US. As the current President of the United States was already a magnate of business, it is logical to understand his actions. He and his companions only care about making America Great Again, but at what cost? 

It is worrying to even consider that protecting and cleaning up the environment has been a topic of speculation in the US. It is only in recent years that it has been considered as a divisive subject, as US was one of the countries that was very interested in finding external sources of energy that could make them more productive, without polluting the planet with the limited fossil resources (that sooner or later, they are going to be unavailable). 

Democratic cares about nature and global warming, as they are looking ahead for a better US that could give more life that the ones they are taking every time they expand the structures and factories of the nation. The problem is that right now, the Republicans in the most important political positions do not care about nature, and they say that the climate change is just another of the conspiracy theories that is taking money and time unnecessarily from the people who wants to make meaningful advances for the planet.

We strongly believe that the White House must be responsible in their actions, and they must guarantee activities and education that would make their nation realize about the damage that uncaring development is making to our planet. And at the same time, regulate activities of companies that pollute the environment. 

The catchphrase of Republicans of having free individuals and free markets is almost interpreted as burn whatever you want, consume whatever you want. This is wrong. We must respect nature because it is our home. And we do not pay attention to the needs of our planet; the next generation is going to suffer severe consequences.

Nowadays, the fuel industry now acknowledges the reality of the climate change is real. If they admitted it, why is the polarization in United States in making us this fight impossible to win?

The Trump’s administration continues to roll back the Obama’s era of environmental regulations, and we hope that maybe in the next elections, this would be something very important to take into consideration the next time you vote. 


What i think about the impeachment on the President Donald Trump

It is widely known that the US President loves to be as polemic as possible. And due to that, he has gained a great amount of political enemies in the road. If he deserves the position that he won in 2017 or not, is something that we cannot argue for the moment. But we can talk about why he may be in danger of losing his position in the White House, and what would be the consequences of that scenario.

First of all, we have to start talking about the process of impeachment. This resource could take Donald Trump down if he breaks some of the rules of the US laws. 

The impeachment process

So, what is impeachment? Impeachment is basically originated from the will of the voters. It is a constitutional procedure in which political organisms can remove a President from his office. Impeachment must be used when the President is not being responding to his constitutional responsibilities.

. However, this is not as easy as it sounds.

There must be important reasons that are needed in order to impeach that president. Some examples can include treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors. And regarding this last case, high crimes and misdemeanors are highly defined in the US constitution.

Impeachment in the US

There have been situations in which presidents have been impeached before. It doesn’t happen often, but it is a widely known reality. Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 because he was accused of obstructing justice and lying under oath (as it was confirmed that he had sexual relationships with his secretary). Andrew Johnson was impeached in 1868, due to the fact that some of its decisions angered the congress (that was Republican by a wide majority).

Another important case was the incident with Richard Nixon. He was about to be impeached in 1974 after people connected with Nixon’s re-election campaign, and then discovering his infiltration into the democratic party headquarters, Watergate. Nixon tried to cover it up, but it was impossible. US citizens were insanely angry with him, and before he could be impeached, he decided to resign. 

The case of Donald Trump

The most polemic situation about the idea of Trump being impeached is because a phone call with the president of Ukraine, Zelenskyy. Not only he was trying to hide what he talked about in that conversation, but also now he is believed to have dealings with Ukraine that would benefit him for the 2020 US elections. 

The urgency of investigating the Ukraine phone call has led to many to suspect about Trump’s credibility, but it is not the only situation that is destroying his persona. The democratic congressist Al Green asked for Trump’s impeachment in May 2017, and although it was partially ignored in the moment, now there some situations that make the President of the US very vulnerable to impeachment: Paying off a porn-star following an alleged affair, his refusal to release his tax returns, profiting off office of the president like in his DC Hotel, where numerous foreign dignitaries have stayed, interfering in Mueller investigation into Russian election interference and finally and one of the most important: firing James Comey, who was the head of the FBI.

How would Trump be impeached?

It’s the House of Representatives that decides whether to impeach a President.  Someone will present articles of impeachment (they are essentially documents detailing the accusations against Trump). After that, the articles of impeachment are then voted on by the House Judiciary Committee. Democrats have a majority on the judicial committee, so that could be a great disadvantage for Trump.

Then, the entire House of Representatives (formed by 435 congressmen and women) vote on whether to impeach Trump or not. If a single majority vote in favor to Trump’s impeachment then, he is impeached.

But even so, things are going to be moved to the Senate. After that Trump must be judged in the Senate. In there, 100 senators, two from each state, act as the jury. If a two-thirds majority of the senator’s vote to convict, then it’s bye bye for Trump (one of his signatures phrases, used for him every time he fires someone).

However, Nancy Pelosi, the top Democrat, has been reluctant to start the impeachment process of Trump. If we think about the situation, Trump has been one of the most populist leaders in the history of the country and his catchphrase of “Make America Great Again” is taken very seriously by his followers.

It is true that there several reasons of why Trump deserve to be impeached, but by doing so the stability of the country could be in danger, as  impeaching Trump can be viewed by the people of America as a grand deep-state conspiracy against Trump. 

We have to remember that 53 of the 100 senators are Republicans. However, if some of this fellow Republicans turn against him, he could be definitely impeached.  Sooner or later, we will find out if Trump is going to be leaving his office before next elections.