Hollywood Elitists Tweets Supporters to Go Out and Vote…on WRONG DAY.

Hollywood Elitists Tweets Supporters to Go Out and Vote…on WRONG DAY.

Hollywood is the gift that keeps on giving.  No one buys their propaganda except useful idiots/ snowflakes who tune in nightly or weekly to the likes of Chelsea Handler who believe that everyday Americans must be lead to the polls and told who to vote for by a Hollywood Progressive that because of her wealth will not have to suffer in the cesspool of Marxist policies for which Handler advocates.

At the same time, Handler, the rocket scientist that she is tweets her followers to go out and vote….on the wrong date.

Washington Free Beacon by Brent Scher

Hollywood celebrity Chelsea Handler has helped Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff reach record fundraising levels with her contributions, but she doesn’t even know when the election is.

Handler demonstrated this Tuesday when she invited her nearly seven million Twitter followers to get out and vote for Ossoff—even though the election isn’t taking place until next week on April 18.

The errant message likely didn’t cause too much confusion for southern voters in Georgia, who appear less energized about next week’s election than residents of liberal bastions like Hollywood. Ninety-five percent of contributions to Ossoff’s campaign—including $2,700 from Handler—have come from sources outside of Georgia[…]

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