Some in U.S. Prefer Communist China over North Carolina

Some in U.S. Prefer Communist China over North Carolina

Brainless Progressives hypocrites!  They boycott North Carolina over its HB2 bill opting to do business with or perform in Communist China?

Independent Sentinel by Temerity Forthright

U.S. companies, sports teams, musicians, and others have make it clear they prefer Communist China, with its long history of human rights abuses, over the state of North Carolina.

This stems from HB2, the bill passed in North Carolina requiring people to use the bathroom of their birth gender. This caused a firestorm of controversy which led companies, sports teams, musicians, and others to boycott the state. Ironically, many of these same companies and people routinely do business in Communist China, which has a gruesome history of human rights abuses.

On April 5, 2016, the publicly traded company PayPal announced its cancelation of a $3.6 billion investment in North Carolina. It continues, however, to do business with Communist China.

Last July, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced it was cancelling the 2017 All-Star Game that was scheduled to be played in Charlotte, North Carolina. The NBA All-Star Game was played in New Orleans instead. The NBA, however, announced that two more of its teams will play exhibition games this October in Communist China. In fact, 22 NBA games have been played in Communist China since 2004.

My personal congratulations to the National Football League (NFL) owners who refused to move their May 2016 meeting out of Charlotte, North Carolina, despite strong outside pressure[…]

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