Pro-Obamacare Screenwriters threatening to strike over healthcare benefits.

Pro-Obamacare Screenwriters threatening to strike over healthcare benefits.

The Writers Guild of America (WGA) was once for the Affordable Care Act, that was before they realized they would not be exempt from the ACA like the rest of us poor suckers.

Enter 2017 and screenwriters are threatening to strike over their failing WGA’s healthcare plans if their demands are not met.

Breitbart News by Patrick Courrielche

…The Writers Guild of America (WGA) – a collection of two labor unions that represent film, television, radio, and new media writers – were set to resume negotiations with television and film production studios on Monday over their new contract, which is scheduled to expire May 1st. However, late Monday, both sides announced that negotiations have been placed on hold until Tuesday, April 25, which leaves just four business days in which to hammer out a deal.

One major sticking point in the negotiations is the unions’ ailing health care plans, which reportedly face insolvency in three years due in large part to the astronomical rise in costs imposed throughout the health care industry by Obamacare. But in a plot twist usually reserved for their best dramas, it was actually top-tier Hollywood screenwriters that helped create the environment for the controversial bill’s passage[…]

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