Harvard Non-Partisan Student Club’s Fight for Free Speech Rights.

Harvard Non-Partisan Student Club’s Fight for Free Speech Rights.

Not everyone on Americans Progressive university campuses are caving to political correctness, i.e., the war on free speech.  Enter Harvard sophomore and founder of Harvard College Open Campus Initiative (HCOCI) Conor Healy.

Campus Reform by Peter Van Voorhis

  • So far, the Harvard College Open Campus Initiative has already invited two controversial conservatives, Charles Murray and Jordan Peterson, but plans to invite outspoken liberals in the future, as well.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Healy, who is Canadian, said that after taking a course on free speech in America with Professor Sanford Ungar, he realized that “advocacy for First Amendment principles, particularly on Harvard’s campus, has innate merit and urgent necessity.”

“As a group, we are doing a number of things to combat those who aim to censor,” Healy continued. “We were particularly concerned with the ‘shut it down’ mentality displayed on campuses across America; that is, when individuals introduce ideas out of step with modern social justice theory, ideas that are deemed ‘dangerous,’ the approach of leftist groups on campus is to prevent these conversations from happening.

“Our plan is to saturate Harvard’s campus with underrepresented views,” Healy explained[…]

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