Facebook Live Killer, Steve Stephens, commits suicide.

Facebook Live Killer, Steve Stephens, commits suicide.

Facebook Live Killer, Steve Stephens (photo: Facebook)

Steve Stephens, the Facebook Live killer, put a bullet in his head rather than allow himself to be apprehended ending a police chase in Erie, Pennsylvania this morning.

Upset over a woman, on Easter Sunday, Stephens bragged about randomly choosing someone to kill.  He then exited his Ford Fusion and approached 74-year-old, Robert Godwin Sr.  Prior to shooting the unsuspecting Mr. Godwin point blank in the head, Stephens asked his victim to say the name, “Joy Lane…She’s the reason this is about to happen to you.” [Heavy.com is reporting that the murder occurred outside of Lane’s workplace.]

Mr. Godwin lived just long enough to say to Stephens, “I don’t know no Joy Lane.”  It is at this moment that Stephens pointing a gun to Mr. Goodwin’s face while live feeding the incident on Facebook, pulled the trigger.  Stephens blamed the murder on Joy Lane, an ex girlfriend.  Thus, it is only fitting that the final words uttered by this cold-blooded killer moments before committing suicide was “I can’t wait! I need my McNuggets!”

Stephens stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Erie to purchase an order of chicken McNuggets and fries.  The employee who took the order recognized Stephens and by the time he pulled up to the pickup window, someone from McDonald’s was already on the phone alerting law enforcement.

It was not long before PA State Police dispatched the following message on Twitter.

Daily Mail

One of the fast food workers tried to stall Stephens by saying his fries weren’t ready yet and he did not respond well to the delay.  

‘I can’t wait! I need my McNuggets!’ he screamed before speeding off.  

Cops got to the establishment in time to see Stephens leaving and a short chase ensued. 

Eventually cops cornered Stephens on a stretch of Buffalo Road, near an old elementary school, where he came to a stop. 

Officers were walking over to arrest Stephens when he shot himself inside his vehicle around 11.10am[…]

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