The Democrats’ Dire Situation Analysis, 2017-2037

The Democrats’ Dire Situation Analysis, 2017-2037


Donald Trump became president because large numbers of traditional Democrat voters unexpectedly came over to his side. Some of them voted for Mr Trump, while many others did not bother to vote for Hillary Clinton and stayed home.

It really is no more complicated than that.

By dumping white working men, the political wing of the “intellectual, yet idiot” wing of the Democrat Party forgot its basic navigation skills, and with a Freudian slip, jettisoned as excess baggage the anchors of its political identity since 1896; the “working man” and “breadwinner”.

So suddenly they find today they are a rudderless vessel listing hard to port without a sextant or compass, having auctioned their 19th century guide on navigation on Amazon so they could buy Google Earth apps for their cell phones. The Percy Fawcetts of modern politics, with no maps for a trackless land, no bearers to tote their luggage, still Democrats hope to find that lost city of the Incas.

A lot of fine Americans were lost to the Democrats in that transaction, only they are just now beginning to calculate the magnitude of their loss. It never dawned on these Democrats that one cannot be both a member of a very small club of elitists yet still claim majority rule over millions of minions (as their sensibilities tell them the are entitled to do) without either giving those voting minions something in return or at least rigging the system to make it appear they were elected by a their majority in the first place.

Tossing their white, breadwinning excess baggage overboard may have finished the Democrats, for there doesn’t seem to be any bloc of unaffiliated voters out there to replace them, or, having no power in the key places in government and bureaucracy, any way they can raise the bribe price to reel them in.

As is stands today, there is virtually no lie Democrats can come up with that there isn’t standing off to the side several million Americans who can roll up their sleeves, bare their arms and show the scars proving that Democrat promises aren’t so.

What to do? What to do?

C S Lewis once said that he couldn’t write a sequel to “The Screwtape Letters” because he became so uncomfortable trying to see  mankind through the eyes of Satan. Since I spent half my life on pretty good terms with Ol’ Clootie, I’ve never had that problem so can take a stab at how both delusional and pragmatic Democrats might see their way forward.

It ain’t pretty.

Already we’re seeing articles from The Hill and AP, hopeful articles about a new dawn for Democrats just over the hill in 2018. These are aimed at, as I said, the delusional Dem0crats who see, also via the media, a Trump presidency already spiralling out of control. Maybe the Democrats can take back the House soon, they encourage[…]

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