FRANCE: Growing Wave of LGBT support for Front National rising

FRANCE: Growing Wave of LGBT support for Front National rising

It seems as if there is an Islamic terrorist attack every week in France.  Regardless of the spin by politically correct and out of touch elitists secure in their gated communities and ivory towers, France ‘s non-elitists have had enough and their paid Antifa puppets can do not to stop the wave of voters flocking to Marine Le Pen.


A lot of homosexuals, LGBT people, are attracted to parties that want to end immigration and protect our freedoms as many migrants come from countries where views on sexual minorities differ from those in Europe, says David Coburn UKIP MEP.

Hundreds of people gathered in the city of Marseille on Wednesday, holding banners denouncing Marine Le Pen, after she held a rally there.

Amidst the protests aimed at the National Front, some interesting statistics have arisen regarding the coming election. A significant number of people who identify as LGBT are expected to support Marine Le Pen in the first round of the election on Sunday.

Apparently triggering the switch were Islamist terrorist attacks in France as well as last year’s gay nightclub killing in Orlando which left 49 dead[…]

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