Trump Admin Is Keeping and Bringing in Obama Retreads

Trump Admin Is Keeping and Bringing in Obama Retreads

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My skin crawls each time the mainstream media and Progressive establishment of both parties commend President Trump as they have the past two weeks.  It is never good when those who despise you cheer you on.  I hope POTUS45 keeps that in mind.

While I am aware that I will not agree with all that he does, I hope that during his tenure in office President Donald J. Trump does not betray those of us who elected him.

Independent Sentinel by Bob Bennett

Those who voted for Donald Trump did so because they believed he would change the course Obama had set America on, and undo the damage Obama’s done. But that may be impossible for him to achieve.

There’s truth in the saying, Personnel is policy. Whatever the president may believe or intend, the people under him carry out policy. If those people are often Obama graduates, the results will inevitably be, well, Obama-ish. Unfortunately, this is precisely what’s been happening. In addition, Trump’s main advisors lean left—including his two top appointees. This can’t help but influence the president, who must rely on advisors for information.

Hiring the staff from Hell

Trump’s new National Security Advisor, HR McMaster, attempted to bring in an objectionable Obama alumnus, and his Defense Secretary, “Mad Dog” Mattis attempted to recruit the worst possible Obamanite, for the State Department. Don’t ask me why these top officials would be bringing in new hires; that’s clearly not their job. Trump had to overrule both appointments[…]

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