Acting Director of USCIS that Countermanded Trump’s EO Resigns from DHS.

Acting Director of USCIS that Countermanded Trump’s EO Resigns from DHS.

Obama holdover, Lori Scialabba, Acting Director at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and open border who last month defied President Donald Trump’s presidential directive has submitted her letter of resignation.

The open border ideologue will be leaving the Department of Homeland Security at the end of the month.

Breitbart News by Michael Patrick Leahy

Scialabba was number one on the list of eight Obama holdover bureaucrats identified by Breitbart News that President Trump “can fire or remove at Homeland Security.”

According to a source within the Department of Homeland Security, Scialabba sent the following message to her colleagues at USCIS about her resignation on Tuesday:

Dear Colleagues,

After almost 33 years of public service, I will be retiring from the federal government at the end of March. I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with USCIS for over 10 years, first as the associate director of the Refugee, Asylum and International Operations Directorate, and then serving as your deputy director for nearly six years. While the decision to leave USCIS was difficult, the opportunity presented was right for me. I have accepted a position in the private sector and look forward to the new challenge[…]

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Below is the letter in which Scialabba intentionally countermanded the President’s directive instructing her staff to continue processing documentation for refugees from countries explicitly named in the executive order.

Only in a government agency can an employee do such a thing and keep their job.

USCIS Guidance Concerning Executive Order On by Breitbart News on Scribd

Personal suggestion to the President, at once rescind Scialabba’s credentials.  Instruct security to escort this woman to her desk, pack her boxes and walk her out of the building but not before her phone is scanned and its contents downloaded for further investigation.

I know what about this woman’s privacy.  Screw that.  Scialabba’s loyalties are not in the interest of the United States.  Allowing her access to her offices until the end of the month is a threat to American security and interests.

According to an earlier Breitbart article,

…the Department of Homeland Security, and in particular U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services [USCIS], is a hotbed of career open borders ideologues, many of whom intend to directly and indirectly subvert President Trump’s agenda.

‘If you go down the list of current management at USCIS, probably 80 percent are open-borders left-wing ideologues,’ a source, who has worked at the Department of Homeland Security for more than a decade and supports President Trump’s agenda, tells Breitbart News.

‘USCIS probably has the most violent anti-border people in the United States. These are in the management. These do not believe in borders. I know them personally

Should we be surprised after Janet Reno and Jeh Johnson and that is just the Department of Homeland Security.  See also: Vdare’s article, USCIS Bureaucrat Lori Scialabba Ran A Personal Asylum Application System for Iraqi Muslims.  While I do not agree with everything in the article, it remains a worthy read, one that will have you wondering once again, what kind of a rogue operation was Barack Obama running?  We need to start indicting folks and throwing them in jail….PERIOD!

Drain the swamp!

Drain the swamp!

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