From My CP: That’s Conservative My Ass

From My CP: That’s Conservative My Ass

From this point on, when I think of the temps in Brooklyn, New York reaching 65 degrees one day and two days later 19 degrees, I will think of what Nessa at Unified Patriots is enduring this winter, close my mouth, and suck it up.

Unified Patriots by Nessa

I was just extolling on the wonderful effects of globull warmening yesterday and now I’m hunkering down for the payback.  Mother Nature taught Karma how to be a bitch.  There is world record cold swirling about Alaska and the “nearly non-existent polar ice pack” headed my way, due Friday.  -65 temperatures set records in Alaska last week, just what I needed after three weeks above freezing.   Oh, its snowing outside right now.

Oh we’ll, this is what I expected all winter long so I had a sweet respite and I enjoyed it!  I spent nearly two hours outside with the dogs today, just watching them observe the world.  Scientists say that dogs only see in black and white.  Do dogs get the same effect through smell that we get from color?  My dogs smelled deer shit and I saw this…

If the two are equal, I prefer color.  The dogs, I think, are quite entertained with the deer shit.  That kinda narrows down our fellow humans doesn’t it?

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