October 1944 (5)

October 1944 (5)

Another essay from patriot, G. P. Cox of Pacific Paratrooper.  Enjoy and please share.

A Day October 20 1944 - Ashore at Leyte. U. S. Army troops go ashore from landing craft during operations to liberate the island. [U S Navy photograph]
Pacific Paratrooper by G P Cox

20 October – the X and XXIV Corps of the 6th Army, under General Krueger, made their amphibious landing on a 25-mile (40 km) stretch of coastline between Dulag and Tacloban on the eastern side of Leyte.

At o945, the 1st Cavalry went ashore on White Beach, the 24th Infantry Division went on their left at Red Beach and the 96th Infantry Division landed further south on Orange and Blue Beaches.  They all moved inland for about a mile, hitting stiffer resistance as they went.

The 7th Infantry Division at Violet and Yellow Beaches had the lightest opposition, but Dulag was taken by the following day.  MacArthur described the view he witnessed from the flag bridge of the USS Nashville:

Wikimedia Commons, public domain." width="350" height="425"/>
Gen. MacArthur surveys the beachhead ay Leyte. Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Landings are explosive once the shooting begins and now thousands of guns were throwing their shells with a roar that was incessant and deafening.  Rocker vapor trails criss-crossed the sky and black, ugly ominous pillars of smoke began to rise.  High overhead, swarms of airplanes darted into the maelstrom.  And across what would have ordinarily been a glinting, untroubled blue sea, the black dots of the landing craft churned towards the beaches[…]

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EDITOR’S NOTE: For those wishing to revisit the World War II era through the eyes of the men, women on the ground who fought and worked tirelessly, some of whom never returned home and their families, I urge you to visit Pacific Paratrooper.

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G.P. Cox, Pacific Paratrooper’s compilation of events during World War II is impressive, does not disappoint. Moreover, it is a part of our history that must never be forgotten. Thus, it is up to us to educate our young. Thank you, Mr. G. P. Cox.

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