UCLA still targeting conservative prof’s free speech course

UCLA still targeting conservative prof’s free speech course

UCLA steps up its war on free speech and the Professor teaching courses about free speech by slashing enrollment thereby limiting access.

Campus Reform by Kathryn Arnold

Professor Keith Fink is slated to teach a course during the upcoming term titled Comm M172: Free Speech in the Workplace, but while the course had historically been held in a large lecture hall with a capacity of 293, the new chair of the Department of Communication Studies has mandated that it now take place in a smaller room with just 210 seats.

In addition, Johnson reduced maximum enrollment in the course from 200 students to 180, and most gallingly for Fink, rescinded his ability to grant permission for additional students to enroll beyond the cap. Andrew Litt, Fink’s teaching assistant, told Campus Reform that Johnson even “surreptitiously tried to reduce his enrollment cap to 170 and at one point even 150,” but ultimately backed down[…]

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