GOP Representative Says DREAMers “Are America’s Children”

GOP Representative Says DREAMers “Are America’s Children”

GOP Rep. Carlos Curbelo told Chris Cuomo this week that DREAMers “Are America’s Children”. DREAMers are children who were brought here at a young age “through no fault of their own”.

They are the new anchor babies, but where do we draw the line or do we?

The Trump administration has not deported the DREAMers except in cases where they have gang affiliations or they are felons or both.

The case can be made that Democrats are opposed to Trump’s deportation of any DREAMer or anyone for that matter, even gang members and felons.

Nancy Pelosi recently stood up for a self-confessed gangbanger who proudly wears gang tattoos and who told law enforcement he was in two gangs. Later, after he spoke with a lawyer, he took it back.

In mid-February, the foggy-headed representative from San Francisco said about this particular DREAMer, “In another assault on our values in the past week we had witnessed ICE raids across our nation targeting parents, students and a DACA-protected DREAMer[…]

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