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Donald Trump and the People, a Reprise

(A chapter from my Kindle book at, Donald Trump, the Common Man and the American Theology of Liberty, covering only his campaign through the election, but a unique analysis of Trump’s relationship with the people, especially those no one else wants to get close to. An undated ...
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Al Franken the known pervert will no doubt survive the ethics investigation

The internet has been sketchy in my new digs, so this one is a late post… but… I would say, let’s trade us an Al Franken out of the Senate for a GOPer would be a fair trade. After all he stole his seat anyway with that trunk ...
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Socialism, Social Justice and the Church

That scam called social justice is that it is the opposite of its name.  Social justice is the neighbor next door that returns 50 times after that first knock on the door for a cup of sugar. Out of social justice comes a sense of entitlement of your ...
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Immigration news you don’t want to miss

I have no idea if this is a true story but this email received earlier from Bob Trent will definitely put a smile on your face. The Immigration “debate” has created a flurry of activity in local and national media and we hear many stories that can break ...
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Julian Assange Explains Why a Deep State Coup D’etat Against POTUS Trump Would Doom Liberals

The Gateway Pundit has a post up on its site today of Julian Assange calling out the left who until President Donald J. Trump was elected despised the deep state. From Mic Checks to Hashtag This… This weekend President Trump stated that he believed Vladimir Putin when he ...
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Moochelle –Ma Bell?

So Rush has a theory, and it’s not beyond belief. We always wondered why Barack and Co. bought a house in DC instead of moving to sunny Hawaii. Brazile was on Tucker Carlson and didn’t really trash her detractors at CNN, so there may be a big stage ...
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Democrats Seem Pretty Upset Over Expedited Removal Of Illegal Aliens

Progressives do not give a damned about Americans unless, of curse, there’s a mass shooting of a Black person is killed during an encounter with law enforcement. Of course, that’s only because they now have something to grieve about and fundraise on.  Throw abortion into the mix and ...
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