Don’t Buy the Fake News Dems Sell on Obamacare

Don’t Buy the Fake News Dems Sell on Obamacare

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by Richard Gunion, Dreamtime

Progressives lied before Obamacare was passed, lied after it was passed and has lied about it every day since.

Newsmax by Betsy McCaughey

Democrats are warning that once Obamacare is repealed, people with serious illnesses won’t get health insurance. President Obama says repeal will mean going “back to discriminating against Americans with preexisting conditions.”

That’s fake news.

The truth is, every Republican plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act protects people with preexisting conditions.

At the same time, the GOP proposals will rectify Obamacare’s insidious discrimination against healthy people. Obamacare forces the healthy to pay the same premiums as the chronically ill, whose medical costs are ten times as high, on average. It’s an unavoidable fact that five percent of the population consume half the nation’s healthcare[…]

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