Radical Islamists Celebrate Obama’s UN Anti-Israel Resolution

Radical Islamists Celebrate Obama’s UN Anti-Israel Resolution

Barack Obama’s latest foreign policy fail is his gift to Israel’s enemies and the enemies of the United States is the U N Security Council’s Resolution 2334 which has radical Hamas and Islamic terrorist groups celebrating the gift dropped at the feet by one who has repeatedly proven himself to be an anti-Semite, anti-Christian and enabler of chaos.

Breitbart News by Ali Waked

Hamas, which does not support the two-state solution, lauded the countries that voted for the motion, saying they backed the Palestinian people’s rights.

The organization’s spokesperson Fawzi Barhoum stated that “Hamas commends the countries that voiced their opposition to the Israeli occupation’s aggressive settlement policy aimed against the Palestinian people.” He further added that he lauds “the important about-face in the international position in favor of the Palestinian people. We expect further support for the Palestinians’ righteous cause of ending the occupation.”

The Iran-backed Islamic Jihad announced that the UNSC resolution is “a clear condemnation of Israel’s occupation and aggression, and a victory for the Palestinian people, securing a global consensus in their favor”[…]

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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine released the following statement (screenshots below):



Palestine Today wrote (translation):

Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine confirmed that Security Council resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, constitutes a clear condemnation of the policies of occupation and aggression and moral victory for the Palestinian people.

He said the Information Office official in Daoud Shihab Jihad, said that there are international public opinion is formed against “Israel” and its policies, stressing that it has become possible to isolate “Israel” and its boycott and prosecution in all forums about what committed crimes and aggression.

He said Shehab, “We know that the decision alone would not be a deterrent to Israel, there are factors that will achieve the desired deterrent continuing our resistance, which is a legitimate right and a duty, and the prosecution and isolate Israel boycott.

Hamas (translation):

A spokesman for the movement, Fawzi Barhoum, in a press statement on Friday that Hamas commends the position of States , which has rejected Israeli settlement policy of aggression against the Palestinian people.

Barhoum welcomed this shift and evolution is important in supporting international positions Palestinian rights in international forums.

He added: asking for more of these support positions for the justice of the Palestinian cause and work to end the occupation.

What more proof does the world need to prove that the UN Resolution against the state of Israel is dangerous for Israel and Jews around the world.

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