Why Media Was Mum as Trump Helped Black Working Class Voters

Why Media Was Mum as Trump Helped Black Working Class Voters

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Independent Sentinel by James Soviero

About a month ago, Donald Trump made a big splash when he and Vice President Elect, Mike Pence put together a deal that kept roughly 800 Carrier air conditioning jobs in Indiana. The story was all over print and electronic media.

Virtually every aspect of the deal was reviewed, discussed, debated, and critiqued; except for the racial component. How is it a media that can find race in stories where there seems to be none, could find none in a feel good piece of news where 50% of the jobs saved were held by blacks?

This scenario had all the elements of a wonderful Christmas tale.   Here we had, after all the talk of minority income inequality, hundreds of hard working black Americans keeping their good paying jobs in time to enjoy the holiday season. The narrative was so uplifting it pretty much wrote itself.

As it’s turned out it would have had to write itself because so many of those generally race obsessed reporters couldn’t seem to “find their words”. Nor, apparently could they produce any enlightening images, that in this case, would have been worth more than 1,000 words . It fell to the New York Times, of all places, to very matter-of-factly report the 50% figure, in rather hushed, almost dark tones[…]

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