“Christmas Card” Gen. Patton Gave His Men May Be Manliest Card Ever Created

“Christmas Card” Gen. Patton Gave His Men May Be Manliest Card Ever Created

The Conservative Tribune shares General George S. Patton, Jr.’s  Christmas prayer card dispatched to the men of the Third Army December 8, 1944.

Conservative Tribune

During the holiday season of 1944, Gen. Patton’s Third Army was bogged down in their advance against the Germans. According to WND, Patton was bogged down as he was trying to reach Bastogne, a town in southern Belgium that held by 15,000 American troops but encircled by over 50,000 Nazi soldiers bearing down on it.

Unfortunately, due to the weather, Gen. Patton didn’t have the air cover he needed to relieve the 15,000 brave American troops holding off the Germans.

That’s when he decided to rely on the power of prayer.

Patton had Chaplain Fr. James O’Neill compose a card to be distributed to each one of the 250,000 troops under his command in the Third Army, and had all of the men pray this simple prayer:



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