America Becoming A “Browner Country” … God Help Us! Also, a statement from Rudy Giuliani

America Becoming A “Browner Country” … God Help Us! Also, a statement from Rudy Giuliani

Barack Obama’s “brown” nation/fundamental transformation of America is an affront to all things American/every American regardless of ethnicity for the simple reason that what Obama has ordained “pro-American” is anything but .

Cry and Howl by Steve Pini

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. There’s been plenty to say but why bother when most of the time we’re dealing with “Fake News?” There’s been a couple of things that’s rubbed me wrong the last couple of weeks that I thought I’d mention for what it’s worth.

Barack Obama made this statement the other day …

If you stopped all immigration today, just by virtue of birth rates, this is going to be a browner country. And if we’re not thinking right now about how we make sure that next generation is getting a good education and are instilled with a common creed and the values that make America so special and are cared for and nurtured and loved the way every American child is treated, then we’re not going to be as successful.

Now folks, I know already this is going to sound like a “racist” rant but lets call an ace an ace and let the chips fall accordingly. The left and racist anti-America folks such as the aforementioned ‘person of color’ can’t stand white people. They spew off every insane thought against white folks and European people that demonstrates their hatred for anything “white” now referred to as “White Privilege.”

I’ll concede that America was founded basically by “white” people or European colonists, while there were some Spanish settlements already here. Enough of that crap, because I don’t want some moron disputing something stupid about the “indigenous, native Americans” etc. and who the “real Americans” are. The hatred from the left isn’t directed to native Americans, though they really couldn’t care less about them.

So, America is going to be a “browner country” according to Barack. In that, sadly, he’s right. And what does that mean for America? Well, lets look at “brown” and nations of “color” and how they have progressed humanity in positive ways.

Mexico first[…]

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