German Government Ineptitude, Not Merkel Immigration Policies, Will Bring Her Government Down in 2017

German Government Ineptitude, Not Merkel Immigration Policies, Will Bring Her Government Down in 2017

(the Chinese symbol for Chaos)

Angela Merkel’s policies on immigration, while the overriding cause of this tragic truck-murder in Berlin, must now take a back seat to the Merkel government’s incompetence and indifference as the more direct cause of these murders.

The Bonn government could plausibly frame the need for a million migrant Middle Eastern workers in terms of economic necessity, covered in a nice sauce of compassion, and convince the German people to look at the occasional sexual assault, or gang violence, with a certain amount of ho-hummery, as long as it wasn’t too close to home.

And Berlin actually isn’t that close to home, but bureaucratic ineptitude is. And this is what will likely topple the Merkel government in the 1917 Bundestag elections. For while you can change policy, ingrained ineptitude and sloth such as shown in their bungled dealings with this Tunisian kid, who was supposed to have been under surveillance, then government control before he skipped a deportation hearing because of an administrative error, and then made a clean escape to France and then on to Italy, shines a bright light on a much deeper disease and which is the source of growing discontent across Europe.

The super-government model the EU planned for Europe was never designed to deal with incursions outside the Plan. Chaos theory is always waiting just outside the paradigm to gobble up that model, once it finds it cannot react effectively to staunch an invasion coming from outside the Plan.

(In Europe’s case the great irony is that this chaos was invited by Europeans realizing two generations ago they could not enjoy both the cradle-to-grave benefits of socialist-democracy and keeping families of two children or more. Unable to replace one-man , one-woman (2) with anything even remotely close to 2.1 humans, to wit, having bred itself out of existence, the European governments, always the last to acknowledge the doomsday elephant in the room, had to invite in guest workers from foreign lands to do the work, but alas, not bear European children, thus bringing Chaos onto their doorsteps intentionally. And also fatally.)

The eternal question is answered once again: The “types” of bureaucratic infrastructure put into place by governments to manage designed routinizations of society cannot react to unplanned incursions from outside the Plan. Thanks to the conduct of several American similarly-designed agencies, e.g., DHS, EPA, IRS and the VA, each assigned more narrow spheres of American society, we can construct a much longer list of failures, but generally bureaucracies are designed to first create routine and normalcy, regularity and predictability, then tend to the management of that routine. Social engineering is often involved in this process, social engineering which many cultures instinctively resist, so Chaos is always lurking, just waiting for some one thing to set it off.

So, so when events and behavior step outside normalcy, the bureaucracy folds, and Chaos ensues.

Bureaucratic organization simply cannot turn on a dime and deal with fires, big or small, few or numerous, all arising outside the Plan. People in Europe, just by looking as the masses of humanity thronged around their neat and organized rail stations, knew all along that something ugly would eventually rear its head.

ISIS. (The evidence is still out there waiting to be sorted, but you may find that much of ISIS’s new-found skills in staying ahead of the bureaucrats may be found in Facebook, Google, and Twitter‘s relationship with Arab political activism in the first Obama term, another engraved invitation to Chaos to “come on in”.)

It isn’t that that bureaucracies can’t react and respond, but they are slothfully slow if tasked to create and apply a fix internally. There are all sorts of “laws of bureaucracies” involved here I won’t go into, except to say that the fix will never involve a permanent restructuring of the original bureaucratic design[…]

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