Socialists In Oregon Pass ‘Universal Healthcare’ But They Have No Idea How To Pay For It

SHTF Plan by Mac Slavo Typical socialists: approve a massive government program by calling it a “right” with exactly zero plans or ideas on how to fund the program. House Democrats in Oregon passed a resolution referring a question to voters without a single Republican vote. It heads next ...
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From My CP: Duty, Honor, Country and Solemn Oaths

There’s a herd of deer, twelve or fifteen at least, that like to shelter on the leeward side of my grove.  It keeps them out of the icy northwestern wind.  They also like to come into the yard after dark and eat corn spilt around the grain bins.    ...
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Wasting $18 Million on Developing Somalia in Minnesota

Minnesota state senators proposed a bill to spend $18,000,000 on Somali community development because they think money invested in Somali communities can prevent radical Islamic terrorism. There is no evidence terrorists are uneducated or needier than other populations, but there is evidence this won’t work. Jihad Watch reported: The ...
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Common Cause

Q: Has America had any enemy or antagonist since World War II which the Democratic Party has NOT made common cause with? To make “Common cause” generally means “to unite one’s interest with another’s” and since the 1970s the term has been associated with a liberal leaning political group ...
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Democrats Outspend GOP 2-1 on Taxpayer Funded Auto Car Leases

Talk about living large although one is anything but, Progressives, although the minority in both Houses are spending  taxpayer dollars as if they were the majority.  One of the taxpayer funded perks taken advantage of by the Congressional Democrats who are outspending Republicans 2-to-1 is car leasing. Washington Free ...
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From My CP: Obama’s Lasting Legacy and BR549

 We dodged a bullet here on Monday, a serious snow storm, not of epic globull warmening proportions, just one of the big nasty storms we live with in this oft described “shithole.” We only got a couple inches and the 40-50 mph winds blew that to the Twin ...
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Democrats Owe Democratic Taxpayers Millions

Time for an accounting – Democratic supporters were never repaid for money that was used illegally; it’s just written off as a “who gives a “S—t.”  Well, truth be known, you the taxpayers care and you have had your money misused for years. So, let’s go back to 2015 ...
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The Eternal Left’s War on American Exceptionalism

  You know me and my thing with Lucifer. Still,  I’m not one of those who believe that Satan personifies himself in any man. We are too quick to say that so-and-so is “pure evil” when in fact, that is likely not the case. For one, that is not how Satan works. ...
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