Donald Trump Picks His Battles in the Strangest Places, Then Comes Out Smelling Like a Rose

Donald Trump Picks His Battles in the Strangest Places, Then Comes Out Smelling Like a Rose

Another exciting development in what Donald Trump may have intentionally or unintentionally caused to happen in our agreed-upon need to reclaim the American culture.

In this case, the modern Corporate culture.

It’s important to defend one’s turf. We all believe that. But it’s interesting to learn just how narrow and small that turf can be in the NFL today when it’s supposed to run sea-to-shining sea. The NFL was supposed to reflect America.

There’s a much larger lesson about modern corporatism to learn by looking at the reaction of the NFL and Roger Goodell, as well as the several NFL team owners, vis a vis the growing anti-National Anthem, take-a-knee revolt first begun by Colin Kaepernick, formerly of the San Francisco 49s (and currently unemployed) in 2016.

Colin began his taking a knee as a protest against police violence against blacks, a Black Lives Matter meme, and possibly because he started going with a radio-diva, BLM-symp named @Nessa Diab, who posted an incendiary Tweet about comparing Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens legend and Steve Briscioti, Baltimore Ravens owner, (who was prepared to offer Kaepernick a multi-million dollar job) as a slave and master in Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained”

Bam. Job offer withdrawn.

Does Colin get mad? Does he turn over tables in the kitchen? Break things? Think about it, ladies. Millions jerked out of your man’s hands, and you still keep him? What kind of guy is this?

The Kaepernick NFL revolt is up to a 100, I’m told, now that we’re into Week 3 of the season. Not exactly a tidal wave, but expect it to grow, since, despite largely being millionaires, most of these players are millennials, and probably have no idea what Kaepernick’ s original complaint is all about, but only that it may become fashionable to take that knee, i.e., Cool. Don’t expect a lot of critical analysis the players on the sidelines. Some are showboating,. others just joining the new fashion.

But in the locker room? There, a team is made or broken. We’ve known 5-start players to be traded because of disunity. Tim Tebow, who drew the mockery of the of the same bad-asses involved in this campaign because he’d drop to his knee and pray.

I think a few coaches get it, especially about team unity and morale. Mike Tomlin, Pittburgh Steeler head coach kept his team in the locker room during the playing of the Anthem to avoid forcing his team to make a public statement.  Loving, or not loving America can kill a team, and at least at the field level, the coaches know this[…]

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