Kindergarten in 2017: Assessment Hell?

Kindergarten in 2017: Assessment Hell?


The above “shared memory” appeared recently on my Facebook feed.  It was a meme I shared in 2015.  (I am a bit concerned about FB’s math…it wasn’t 3 years ago…it’s not 2018 yet…must be revisionist math).  The original posting can be accessed from the site “Teaching With a Touch of Pixie Dust”.  The post had 883 comments.  Here are some of the best comments:

I have lived in Asia. I have seen what constant testing does to CHILDREN. I have seen Elementary, Jr. High, and High School aged children walking to school, waving as they go by to meet up with their school groups, then the next day…you don’t see them. You think maybe they are sick. A few more days go by, you still don’t see them. So you ask their friends, and you get this really weird, kind of freaked out look from them. After a bit, they tell you, the last time you saw them, they had a test that day. The student did not do as well as expected on the test. So, embarassed, and in fear of shaming their family, that student jumped off a bridge, or stepped in front of an oncoming train. No lie. They are under so much pressure, constantly, to pass these tests, they would rather die, than tell their parents they did not get 100%. THAT is where we are heading, with all of these stupid tests.

I would have failed for sure. I have attention deficit and am dyslexic Back then I was labeled a bad kid with poor conduct who didn’t apply myself, so I agree with this completely.

I used to think teaching was about helping people learn, not forcing them to try to be perfect. We need teachers….not trainers.

My son is only in 1st grade and hates school already because of this exact type of thing. I try to make learning fun at home but doesn’t change how he feels about school. I remember always loving school. It saddens me that he is having such a negative experience.

A 2013 MEW article was written about what was coming for preschoolers and kindergartners.  A webinar sponsored by McRel was being held to help teachers learn how to foster self-regulation and executive function skills in young children

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