VIDEO Judge Dread: Lobbyist Losing Luther Hides from Press in Final Days of Roy Moore’s Historic Surge – Chamber

VIDEO Judge Dread: Lobbyist Losing Luther Hides from Press in Final Days of Roy Moore’s Historic Surge – Chamber

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Breitbart News by Ian Mason

With Tuesday’s Alabama special GOP primary only days away, Luther Strange’s campaign for a full term in the U.S. Senate is giving the media, especially conservative-leaning media, an increasingly cold shoulder and keeping their man under wraps.

Strange’s newfound standoffishness with the press began to emerge Thursday after his “Lincoln-Douglas-style” debate with opponent Roy Moore in Montgomery, Alabama. After a composed and well-prepared debate performance, Strange engaged with a post-debate press gaggle. At first cordial, Strange’s interaction with the reporters present turned ugly when he was asked about his appointment to the U.S. Senate by former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, who resigned under a cloud of campaign finance suspicions earlier this year. Strange, as Alabama Attorney General, was responsible for investigating the allegations against Bentley at the time he was appointed.

Strange immediately turned apprehensive, saying, “You know, I’ve already been asked that question a billion times.”

“Answer it Luther!” Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, who was in attendance behind the reporters, then shouted in response.


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During President Donald Trump’s pro-Luther Strange rally in Alabama, Strange would not take questions from the press.

As reported by Breitbart News in the above article,

…The Trump-Stange rally itself showed no turning from this strategy of non-engagement. A “low-level staffer” with the Strange campaign denied entry to Breitbart News TV editor Jeff Poor, who was credentialed and on scene to cover the event. Breitbart News had already secured assurances of admission from the Strange campaign….

I suspect that at this point, President Trump knows full well that he has backed the wrong horses (Mitch McConnell and Luther Strange).

As for Luther Strange, he should have stayed home.
Monday morning tweets:

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