Study: psychology textbooks have PC bias

Study: psychology textbooks have PC bias

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Since psychology textbooks in colleges are overly politically correct so as not to offend snowflakes, what does that say about the state of mind of future psychologists and their capabilities?

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Introductory psychology textbooks are rife with factual errors and often present information in a way that is politically correct, a new study discovered.

The peer-reviewed study “Education or Indoctrination: The Accuracy of Introductory Psychology Textbooks in Covering Controversial Topics and Urban Legends about Psychology” was published by Professor Christopher Ferguson of Stetson University this December.

Ferguson and his team analyzed how 24 commonly assigned intro-textbooks presented 12 issues to their readers, including such potentially controversial subjects as “media violence,” “stereotype threat,” and “evolution and mating choices.”  Researchers then analyzed whether the textbooks provided fair and accurate information on these topics[…]

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