The Beginning of the Quickening

The Beginning of the Quickening

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What a time to be alive!

Because we’re stuck in the middle of it, and even in our small ways, all involved in it, it’s difficult to step back and see the true epic significance of the times we are watching unfold, or even our small place in it. In his famous St Crispin Day’s oration on the eve of the battle of Agincourt, 1415, where the French outnumbered the English 5:1, Shakespeare had Henry V say that in later years these men would feast their neighbors and roll up their sleeves to show their scars, and freshly remember the names who caused it all to happen.

Those English commoners and bowmen then threw down the French nobility, which in history was a big deal, since in 1415 no one had ever thrown down the French nobility. At the time no one knew just how easy throwing down the French nobility would be, but over the next 500 years it would occur several more times. (See the current film blockbuster, Dunkirk, if you don’t believe me.)

The inherent weakness of French nobility has a direct bearing on the character of the type of enemies we face today, both on the Left and within the royal wing of the Republican Party, but watch the clip, just five uplifting minutes, for memories yet to come about being in the middle of epochal history being made.

Keep in mind how these days will look and feel, looking back over your shoulders twenty-thirty years from now.

So, rejoice Dear Hearts!

We are winning and we are beginning a process that will explode on a dozen political (and hopefully cultural) fronts over the coming months and years. As long as our “hearts are in the trim” (also from “Henry V”) it won’t matter whether we can do it all before Christmas 2017 or Christmas 2024.

Consider what the state of Oregon and the County of Multnomah just handed us; Kate’s Law.

A 20-time loser, and illegal, was set free by county police and county policy, after request was made by ICE for him to be handed over for deportation. They refused and he promptly went out and raped an elderly woman, then beat and assaulted another. Of course, he’s back in jail awaiting a long sentence this time, but the County and State of Oregon’s bills for his future upkeep is just a drop in the bucket. Unlike Kate Steinle’s killer, who the City of San Francisco tried to claim just fell through the cracks due to an administrative mix-up, Multnomah County had this Martinez dude’s rap sheet, and knew him to be a violent offender. They let him out solely based on their Sanctuary rule, standing alone. Cause and effect. So expect the victims to own half the county treasury, and expect public interest legal teams from our side to appeal every state and federal judge out there who tries to deny those victim’s legal victory and our government’s power to punish the sanctuary practice.

Even though the case will fall off the media radar as it moves forward, so the Left won’t be able to watch, we still have our own watchers now. Winning is what matters and the people of Oregon will win, not the loudest megaphone[…]

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