Your Information Should Not be for Sale and Tracked.

<span style="font-size: 8pt;"><a href="">Bill Gates – National Conference of State Legislatures July 21, 2009 Prepared Remarks by Bill Gates, co-chair</a></span>
Bill Gates – National Conference of State Legislatures July 21, 2009 Prepared Remarks by Bill Gates, co-chair


Question: Do you believe school administrators and third parties when they assure parents/taxpayers that personally identifiable student data is safe?  Are you one of “those people” who don’t want federal/state agencies and third parties to use personally identifiable student information for compliance to non-governmental written policies?  Are you concerned about how this data is being used?   Compiling data can create stalking opportunities under the guise of “personalized instruction”.  The gathering of student data creates data sets to determine whether or not your child fits the parameters of what the workforce needs…one assessment at a time.

An example of how personalized data can be unknowingly shared with others is illustrated in an article from a woman using a running app which tracks her progress.   The author contends it is imperative that privacy settings are used to protect her (and other wormen) from those not invited by her to view her data.  She used basic privacy settings while training but didn’t know about all the steps necessary to mask her data from unknown users.  At least there is that option for this fitness app.  Students don’t have that right while they are being datamined in schools[…]

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