Huge Sanctuary City Encampment Bet. Courthouses in Santa Ana, CA

Huge Sanctuary City Encampment Bet. Courthouses in Santa Ana, CA

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California has gone to hell in a handbasket but the Progressive elites could care less. After all, it’s all about power and votes.

Activist Legal Latino Heat posted the following video to YouTube of a huge encampment of illegal aliens set up between two courthouses in California.

THIS is what political correctness looks like.

Passersby are forced to endure the stench of feces, urine and garbage while risking their safety as they walk pass the encampment daily to enter and exit courthouses and other government offices in the area.

The area, of course, is policed but the work conditions of law enforcement is not taken into account by Marxist encouraging the growth of sanctuary cities across the USA.


Streamed live on Jul 26, 2017 by Legal Latino Heat

Coming From New York City I thought the homeless were bad over there. Here they have their own community and the city allows it. Illegals and criminals have their way in Liberal Sanctuary cities.

H/t Infowars.


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