William Shatner Criticizing SJW on Twitter - Response MELTDOWN.

William Shatner Criticizing SJW on Twitter - Response MELTDOWN.

2016 Comic Con San Diego. Source: Gage Skidmore_Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

How dare Captain Kirk read social justice warriors the riot act on twitter for co-opting the 60’s movement and for having the audacity to think that they better at it.  (My personal thoughts are that both movements are as revolting as they are anti-American.)

Adding to the above, how dare Captain Kirk be good at it and take my word for it, Captain Kirk aka William Shatner is good at it so much so that snowflakes for 4-5 days running have been in meltdown mode.

Breitbart News by Lucas Nolan

…Shatner took to Twitter recently to express his distaste over modern day social justice warriors comparing themselves to the social reform movements of the 1960s, which focused on causes such as racial equality and equal pay. Shatner, who took part in one of the earliest interracial kisses ever broadcast on American TV in Star Trek, tweeted, “Why is it that SJW’s think they can align themselves with those that demanded social reform in the 60’s?”

When one user claimed that those that use the term SJW and “snowflake” in a derogatory manner would have protested Star Trek’s interracial kiss, Shatner replied:

A flood of responses rolled in to ironically tell Shatner how wrong his opinion was that social justice warriors attempt to exert their superiority over others…

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Enter days later:

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