H.R. McMaster Fires Staffer Who Wrote a Memo About Threats to Trump’s Presidency

H.R. McMaster Fires Staffer Who Wrote a Memo About Threats to Trump’s Presidency

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H.R. McMaster wants to end what he says are conspiracy theories about: Muslim Brotherhood-Islamic organizations in the U.S, radical Islam, the Iran nuke deal, and stories about the deep state. He’s eliminating people on the staff who believe otherwise. One was fired over a memo. All conservatives are being fired.

McMaster, the National Security Adviser, recently fired Bannon-Flynn ally, Lt. Col. Harvey last month. He was opposed to the Iran deal and frequently calls out radical Islam. Prior to that, McMaster fired Rich Higgins, a Bannon-Flynn ally who sent a memo in May that McMaster found objectionable.

The media rails about the people Trump has fired but they are not concerned about the firings at the NSC by McMaster.

McMaster is the same person who told his staff in January that there is no such thing as an Obama holdover.

“There’s no such thing as a holdover,” H.R. McMaster said, referring to the career professionals who stayed on the council after the presidential transition. McMaster added that career staffers are loyal to the president.

Therefore, there can be no deep state[…]

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