#BoycottTheBoycotters: The Left Never Rests

#BoycottTheBoycotters: The Left Never Rests


Wow! Magazine by Bookworm

#BoycottTheBoycotters continues to be an urgent battle cry. While you were busy enjoying the holidays with your family, Progressives were equally busy, targeting more businesses to join with them in saying that American conservatives are so beyond the pale that American businesses should no longer desire them as customers. As I’ve argued before, this is the new Jim Crow and we conservatives are the new blacks.

And please don’t think that this is just a marginal movement that we can ignore without consequence. Kurt Schlichter gets just how relentless the Left is and knows that this is a battle that the last man standing wins:

Understand that they will not stop. They will not change. We must therefore defeat them, because otherwise there will be no peace. As with so much in life, Dolph Lundgren shows us the way, though in this case liberals are less a macho, tough prizefighter named “Rocky” than a 23 year-old gender-fluid Oberlin grad named “Fussy” who lives in Brooklyn off of his/her/xes dad’s money while trying to be a non-rhyming poet[…]

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