March 12, 2017


Entitlement-Minded Illegal Alien in NYT Op-ed Vows To Not Leave

Federal Bill Introduced To Add A Warrant Requirement To Stingray Deployment

4 videos clips from Maxine Waters that are so outrageously dumb, they will leave you in shock

As @SunsaraTaylor Calls Trump “Fascist”, The Left Wing Has Been Beating & Destroying The Lives Of Conservative People.

Pelosi Says “Poorest People in America” Are “Infants and Children”, “Infants and Children”

From My CP: The Sunny Slopes of Long Ago

Project Veritas about to release tapes of its #CNNLeaks (“WikiLeaks style”).

AG Sessions: U.S. Prosecuting Elderly Army Vet for “Posting” American Flags in VA Facility

So Trump Was Right Again?

Firing On Fort Trumpster

“Operation Destroy #Milo Begins Monday”, Predicted 4 Chan Poster

Milo Yiannopoulos: Once Again, ‘Conservatives’ Destroy Their Own

Bookworm Beat 2/20/17 — fighting the self-anointed fourth branch of government

Left-Wing, Pinko Jews Create Anti Semitism, Not @PewDiePie & Others