March 12, 2017


Government Bans Bacon on Federal Prison Menus, Adds Turkey Substitute

Texas DPS Director: ISIS Coming Over the Border

Obama Administration Granted Asylum And Residency To 1,519 Foreigners With Terror Ties

Obama Says Sex Act Trumps Religious Freedom

Palestinians: We Are the New Nazis

Migrants Might be Coming

Ohio factory worker fired for recommending Christian movie to lesbian co-worker

Another Obama Success: U.S. Trained 4 Anti-ISIS Fighters for $41 Million

School threatens student with suspension over Confederate flag sticker on truck

Federal Debt Held by the Public Totals $107,000 Per Household

Stunning video reveals college students know little to nothing about 9/11

Caught on video: Topless women beaten like dogs for feminist protest at Muslim event

Obama is to receive WHAT honor? Please say you’re kidding