March 12, 2017

Tech Stuff

Revealed: FBI can demand web history, phone location data without a warrant

While Watching Your Vizio Smart TV, It’s Watching You Back

Ted Cruz Is Correct, The ‘97% of Scientists Agree With Climate Change’ Study is Bogus

UN and Obama Launch Global War on “Ideologies”

Judge Puts NATIONWIDE Hold on Czarist EPA’s Water Rule

Feds say your hard drives are for the government’s keeping

Iran Buys $21 Billion in Aircraft, Satellites from Russia

Pope, Others Call for Addressing Climate Change Now

FBI Collecting Fingerprints, Photos, and Other Data on Millions

Microsoft Forces Windows 10 “Upgrade” Even When Users Refuse It

Chemtrails. Just Another Conspiracy Theory?

One in three people born in the UK this year will suffer from some form of dementia in their lifetime, the Alzheimer’s Research UK charity has warned.

IER Submits FOIA Requests For Records on Arctic Exploration

Scientists Rebut White House Global Warming Claims