March 12, 2017


Glenn Greenwald: Obama started war with media, not Trump

Sunday Respite – Ask the Mountains

Joy Villa, Andre Soriano talk pro-Trump Grammy’s dress

Man Found Not Guilty of Beheading Bus Passenger Due to Mental Illness Is Set Free

Sunday Respite – ‘Intimate Winter’

Netflix Erased Over One Million Dislikes for Their New Racist TV Show

Rep. Gohmert: Trump travel ban case should head to the SCOTUS right away

Betsy DeVos wins. Will Common Core and data mining end?

Batsh*t Crazy Pelosi Can’t Work with President Bush

Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs sounds off on the forces at work against Trump (video)

Imam confirms that Iraqi man who attributed Trump’s EO to mother’s death lied.

Pres. Trump Announces Neil Gorsuch as SCOTUS Nominee (video)

Rep. Louie Gohmert on Firing of Sally Yates, “She’s a political hack, and hacks have to be jacked.”

The Truth About Trump’s ‘Muslim Ban’