March 12, 2017


Sunday Respite – Ask the Mountains

Everything You Need to Know about Socialism in Three Pictures

There Are NO Photo’s Of ONE Russian Ship 30 Miles From Connecticut OR Delaware. NEWS=LIES

Russia sends spy ship near US coast, deploys banned missiles at home, officials say (UPDATED)

Joy Villa, Andre Soriano talk pro-Trump Grammy’s dress

Trump Washes His Hands of Bathroom Order

White Genocide: South African Mother Stabbed Repeatedly, Eyes Gouged Out.

We Found Those Refugee Terrorists the 9th Circuit Couldn’t Find

Sunday Respite – ‘Intimate Winter’

Netflix Erased Over One Million Dislikes for Their New Racist TV Show

To: @ericbear3000 Problem Is NOT Muslims! It’s YOU Filthy, Disgusting, Pig LEFTISTS

On Fascism

Iran Celebrates Left’s Decision to Keep Iran’s Refugees Coming to US

Rep. Gohmert: Trump travel ban case should head to the SCOTUS right away