Natterings from the Notional National Swamp

Natterings from the Notional National Swamp

Unified Patriots by Beaglescout

Our mutual acquaintance dropped your old Beaglescout a note about recent deplorable developments in our national swamp.

Here’s how it works in Congress.

There are two rules; (1) the Prime Directive is Get Re-elected; (2) You must get re-elected, which takes a lot of money, and either keeping 50-60% of the constituents happy, or keeping your constituents highly motivated and on the incumbent’s side.

Obamacare has been the World’s Greatest Fundraiser for the Republicans. Better than meaningless measures to oppose abortion or gay marriage, better than supporting the troops or censuring jailed Democrat lawmakers.

Sure, 40% of the elected Republicritters, mostly from safe districts, ran on repealing it, and in their hearts want nothing more to repeal it. Maybe 20% of the elected Republicritters don’t want to repeal it ever, don’t want to touch it in any way whether to fund it fully, or repeal, or fix. They’re in hotly contested contests in the next 1-3 years, and it’s a radioactive issue because (sorry) the majority of voters are morons who want tons of benefits, don’t want to pay taxes, and want a happy ending too, and the smarter tuned in voters, mostly conservatives, want it off the books without figuring out how to politically deal with the problems of health care for the uninsured and poor, particularly the government-dependent voting class.

Thing is, there’s no sex in the champagne room, there’s no fatass socialist benefits without fatass socialist taxes and likely fatass Stalinist coercion at some level, but if *anybody* other than Ted Cruz said that publicly, they’d be out on their ass in a heartbeat. So the voters are going to stay dumb and while they want repeal, they want the medicare expansion, pre-existing conditions coverage, Caddilac care, and something just under a $100/month premium, at most[…]

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