Man Arrested For Anti-Semitic Threats is an Anti-Trump Journalist Fired for Spreading Fake News

Man Arrested For Anti-Semitic Threats is an Anti-Trump Journalist Fired for Spreading Fake News

Progressives are just not trying hard enough.  Sarcasm. But let’s admit it, those of us paying attention had already figured out that those individual(s) behind the bomb threats against Jewish centers are Progressives.

Juan Thompson/twitter.

One such individual has been detained and not only is 31 year-old, Juan Thompson, a Progressive but a former journalist for The Intercept terminated last year for “fabricated quotes in his stories and created fake email accounts to impersonate people.”  This is but one of the reasons that Progressive bureaucrats foaming hate at the mouth like rabid dogs need to tone down their rhetoric.  Thompson is but one of the anti-Semitic loons.  Police are searching for others.

Townhall by Guy Benson

The man just arrested for phoning in bomb threats to Jewish centers is not the party responsible for the large majority of those recent hateful acts. That perpetrator, or those perpetrators, remain unknown and at large, according to authorities. No, Mr. Thompson was a copycat offender (eight times over, allegedly), and — in light of The Narrative on such things — quite a surprising one at that. Unreal:

A man allegedly waging an intense campaign of harassment against a former lover was responsible for bomb threats against the Anti-Defamation League and some Jewish centers around the country, authorities said Friday. Law enforcement sources told NBC 4 New York the 31-year-old suspect, Juan Thompson, was arrested in St. Louis in connection with multiple threats against Jewish centers, including some in the New York tri-state area…he FBI complaint quotes Thompson’s purported Twitter account as saying on Feb. 24, “Know any good lawyers?


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When a sealed complaint is anything but.

Under U. S. law, Thompson is innocent until proven guilty.  At the same time, he’s a real anti-American low-life.  Oh, yes and I read somewhere a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Now call me a conspiracy theorist but something is not right here. First off, WHY is his twitter feed still live? A twitter feed that will convict him in the public eye.  Below are just a handful of Thompson’s softer, kinder tweets.

What a mensch?  So why is the sealed complaint available online for all to read.

u.s. v. Juan Thompson Complaint 0 by Jessica McBride on Scribd

Or maybe I am just overthinking this.

Or am I just paranoid after eight years of Barack Obama scrubbing the internet and social media instantaneously at the drop of a pin?

As for social justice, Jewish organizations outraged over these attacks, they might want to do some soul searching about the company they keep.

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