The Sum of Knowledge #FakeNews #Bias #Censorship

The Sum of Knowledge #FakeNews #Bias #Censorship

Andrew Torba, CEO and founder of free speech network,, this weekend joined  Full Measure featuring journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

Attkisson and Torba discussed “tactics used by paid forces to manipulate opinion” covering everything from the thousands of fake Twitter and Facebook accounts (for starters) that run by software, paid trolls [my emphasis], endless zombie profiles and everyone’s favorite, #FakeNews[i].

Torba talks about being blacklisted, Silicon Valley and how the narrative to control the message and to manipulate is global. You can view the transcripts here and here.

[i]         Don’t believe it?  There are tools and ways to figure out one’s fake followers and fake accounts pushed by Twitter and Facebook. I might suggest beginning with those darned polls.


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