When Dogs Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Dogs

When Dogs Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Dogs

Political Clown Parade via Wow! Magazine by Proof Positive

Saw a post by Doug Hagin on some of the “common sense” regulations some folks would like to put on gun owners. Their motto: “We don’t want to take your guns…but we do have a bridge we’d like to sell you!”

It occurred to me that dogs have been known to injure and even kill people, so what if we were to apply the same “common sense” laws and regulations to dog ownership?

Mandatory dog registration- owner carries registration card that lists all dogs owned. Failing to register your dog would be a felony.

No adoptions unless done through a central registration office. Dogs must be picked up at central registration office.

No “straw purchases” of dogs to be given to someone else.

Mandatory government approved muzzle required to transport dog to your home.

Mandatory government approved, locked kennel required; only registered owner will have combination/key. (The government may, however, wish to check on the security of your kennel from time to time)

Mandatory obedience school classes and shots[…]

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