Whiney Leftist Victims Celebrate July 4 Claiming America Is “ROTTEN AT OUR CORE”

Whiney Leftist Victims Celebrate July 4 Claiming America Is “ROTTEN AT OUR CORE”

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The latest video from the anti-white CNN show, The Root, begins with a black woman saying America is “rotten at our core”. This is how some celebrate July 4, Independence Day — they trash the U.S.

It gets worse as it goes on. The basic claim is that all whites have white privilege.

What is clear is they hate whites and think whites are “rotten” to their “core”. It’s justified bigotry. Whites have the same color skin as some people who lived and died who were bigots. For that, all whites must pay and all leftist minorities must be allowed to whine about it.

According to one woman, if white people say “we’re all Americans”, they’re just showing their “white privilege”.

The narrator is a girl with a nose ring and an African-style headscarf who says she can’t get over the subjugation of Native-Americans [more than a hundred years ago and beyond]…

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