Bergdahl Lawyers to Query Jury Pool About Trump

Bergdahl Lawyers to Query Jury Pool About Trump

Whether or not a potential juror voted for President Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election is irrelevant to Bowe Bergdahl’s case which is why the judge barred Bergdahl’s attorneys from asking the question.  However, Bergdahl’s attorneys will be allowed to query potential jurors on their impression of the President and his trustworthiness?

The judge, Army Col. Jeffery R. Nance, told defense attorneys that polling potential jurors on their vote in the 2016 presidential election would be inappropriate to include in a roughly 40-question survey that will be distributed to the jury pool next week.

“I believe it is prohibited by [court] rules,” Nance said during a pretrial hearing at Fort Bragg where the former Taliban captive appeared for a second consecutive day….

The questionnaire will include more than five questions probing the potential jurors impressions of Trump, including his trustworthiness. Nance also allowed the defense to ask prospective jurors if they were familiar with Trump’s negative campaign trail comments about Bergdahl and what impact those statements might have on their impressions of the soldier[…]

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Must this deserter’s trial be politicized? Where do we draw the line?  Most folks reached a conclusion about deserter, Bowe Bergdahl who colluded with the enemy long before Trump announced plans to run for office.

The President should not be drawn into this trial.  Must he be blamed for everything?

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