Terror-Free Poland’s Unyielding Stand Against the EU Post-Communism

Terror-Free Poland’s Unyielding Stand Against the EU Post-Communism

Poland and Hungary are the most restrictive in terms of immigration, they also are least likely to suffer radical Islamic terror attacks. But, do you think they go too far?

Contrary to what the globalists will tell you, nationalism is a good thing. We mustn’t lose our identity to the globalists, the Neo-Communists. Poland has already been forced to live under communism and they don’t want to do it again. Radical Islamists are the same kind of statists as Communists except they use their god as an excuse.

We can’t blame the Islamists from fleeing their homelands after Barack Obama reorganized the Middle East with his feckless policies. Most Muslims are good people, but hundreds of millions want to conquer the West and install radical Islam. They have infiltrated the refugee population.

The Polish won’t accept Sharia, religious hate, terrorism and European directives.

Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło reinforced her opposition to taking in migrants in a speech to parliament days after Manchester. Poland has a strict immigration policy and is very proud of their national heritage. They don’t want to lose it. The EU on the other hand has no regard for national sovereignty.

The European Union has called on Poland to accept more than 6,000 asylum seekers or face economic sanctions. Citing security concerns, Szydlo said Poland “will not participate in the Brussels elites’ folly.”

Szydlo has also drawn a direct link between terrorism and the EU’s migration policy, claiming that “it is impossible not to connect them.”

Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Blaszczak considers the threat of migrants “much worse” than the threat of EU sanctions and has said that such waves of mass migration only harm the “security of Poland and the Poles.”

Hungary is also protecting their heritage[…]

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