How Long Can Karen Handel Hold Her Seat After Winning GA-06?

How Long Can Karen Handel Hold Her Seat After Winning GA-06?

Blind ambition can be painful, but stupid ambition is suicide.

The GA-06 seat is open, made open because Donald Trump hand-picked its former occupant, Dr Tom Price, a staunch conservative, to become Director of Heath and Human Services. It was Dr Price, in that cabinet seat, that caused the House Freedom Caucus to okay a compromise Obamacare repeal, now awaiting some sort of action by a tardy Senate.

This short piece is about the relationship between Tom Price and his voters for many years, and yes, it was Price’s standing with his voters that largely propelled Donald Trump to the presidency just a few short months ago. GA-6 isn’t just Republican, it’s mostly anti-establishment Republican.

Of course we know that moderate Republicans, aka RINOs, aka Establishment Republicans, for many years have carved out large parcels of American territory and amassed great wealth and power, simply by becoming the permanent minority party. Part of the formula to their success has been in the knowledge that Democrats and the Left are so hated in their states and districts, the voters will vote for any R, just to keep the Left from getting a stranglehold on them. Well, a strong grip at least, for the GOP has always allowed the Dems at least to get one hand around the people’s neck. That was always the price of the spoils they get to share as part of the ruling establishment.

To save a long diatribe, let’s just say that Barack Obama let the cat out of the bag.

And in moments of weakness, to pretend wroth, the Republican Party made certain promises to its voters. We saw this pretense anger in 2010 in order to regain the House, 2014 to regain the Senate, and finally, in 2016, to regain the White House. They made promises which the Establishment half of the Party never intended to keep, and now only pretends to want to keep now that they have their own end of government in their control.

Tom Price intended to keep that promise, which explains the high position he now holds in the Trump Administration[…]

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